A New Era in Youth Baseball Instruction

We are a one-of-a-kind portal designed to help youth baseball players around the world improve their game through quality instructional videos accessible from nearly any device (Windows OS coming soon…)

Whether you’re on the field, in the dugout, at the batting cages or all you need is a 3G cell or WiFi signal, you can log into your account and access our powerful training videos. 

  • For youth baseball players, you can have one of the most sought after coaches in baseball by your side at all times, helping you in every aspect of your game. 
  • For youth baseball parents, if you’ve ever been frustrated because you didn’t have the right knowledge or experience to help your child, if you can’t afford expensive personal coaching and clinics, we are your solution.  With access to our tutorials, you can be your child’s coach and build a strong relationship with your child in the process. 
  • For youth baseball coaches, we want to help you get your kids to be the best players they can be and maximize their chances of getting a scholarship.  With Coach Justin Stone in your pocket, your practices will be more efficient and effective.  You will know exactly what to do in practice and have more time to spend on coaching.

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